"Holomua I Naʻ auao"

Going Forth with Knowledge

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Ka Lawelawe Ana
#1- Road To Sustainable Living & Financial Literacy

About this Program:


Our Homeownership, Road to Sustainable Living and Financial Literacy training is an educational program that counsels ʻOhana on credit importance, credit repair, buying a home, budgeting, and getting a loan. 

Nā lele...

The 5 steps on The Road to Sustainable Living


Learn the 5 steps to becoming a homeowner. The Road to Sustainable Living is not kapakahi (crooked). It is straight forward. With your determination and commitment your goal to homeownership can be achieved.


the footprints

as we take you along The Road to Sustainable Living:

Image by Nathan McBride _ Footprints _ On the Road to Sustainable Living
Lele 'ekahi
Lele 'elua
Lele 'ekolu
Lele 'ehā
Lele 'elima

Step  1  -  How to Get Credit Ready.

Step  2  -  How to Get Pre-Qualified.

Step  3  -  How to Get The Right Loan.

Step  4  -  How to Get your Hale-Shopping for your Hale.

Step  5  -  How to Keep your Hale.

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#2- Loan Packaging
& Processing

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Single Family Housing Direct Home Loans

What does this Program do?


The Section 502 Direct Loan Program helps low- and very-low-income applicants to obtain decent, safe and sanitary housing in eligible rural areas by providing payment assistance to increase an applicant’s repayment ability.

Who may apply for this program? 


Multiple factors are considered when determining an applicant’s eligibility for Single Family Direct Home Loans. At a minimum, applicants must have an adjusted income that is at or below the applicable low-income limit for the area where they wish to buy a house and they must demonstrate a willingness and ability to repay debt.

Applicants must also:

· Be without decent, safe and sanitary housing
· Be unable to obtain a loan from other resources on terms and conditions
that can reasonably be expected to meet

· Agree to occupy the property as their primary residence
· Have the legal capacity to incur a loan obligation
· Meet citizenship or eligible noncitizen requirements
· Not be suspended or debarred from participation in federal programs.

Properties financed with direct loan funds must:


· Generally be 2,000 square feet or less
· Not have market value in excess of the applicable area loan limit
· Not have in-ground swimming pools
· Not be designed for income producing activities
· Borrowers are required to repay all or a portion of the payment subsidy received over the life of the loan when the title to the property transfers or the borrower is no longer living in the dwelling.

Is there a deadline to apply?


Applications for this program are accepted through your local RD office
year round.

How long does an application take?


Processing times vary depending on funding availability and program demand in the area in which an applicant is interested in buying and completeness of the application package.

What governs this program?


The Housing Act of 1949 as amended, 7 CFR, Part 3550, HB-1-3550 - Direct Single Family Housing Loans Field Office Handbook.

United States Department of Agriculture

Nānākuli Housing Corporation is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to prepare loan applications for their Single Family Housing Direct Home Loans.

"Building Family Homes Affordably."


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Neighborworks America
this program

Preventing avoidable foreclosure helps keep families in their homes, preserves communities, and prevents avoidable loss. Our housing counselors will put a plan together that provides responsible homeowners with support to obtain affordable refinancing or loan modifications to help them stay in their homes.



The staff at NHC is certified by NeighborWorks America to provide foreclosure prevention and default  intervention counseling.


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#3- Forclosure Prevention
& Default Intervention
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