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#1- Self-Help
Home Repair

About this Service:


In 2004, NHC conducted a survey of all the homesteads on Oahu and found that over half of the homes were in need of some level of repair. NHC responded to this need and launched Self Help Home Repair (SHHR) program. SHHR teaches ‘ohana how to fix and maintain their homes by attending a series of classes taught by volunteer contractors specializing in electric, plumbing, doors, windows, screens, flooring, roofing, painting, tool safety, project management, lead paint detection, environmental hazards, permitting, and budgeting.

Once our families have completed their courses our General Contractor assess the families home repair needs and prioritizes them. SHHR has a mobile component taking our program into our Hawaiian communities to assure each project is completed and to the level of repairs, which match or exceed the Hawaii State Building Codes. Through building material donations from NHC’s Baseyard Hawaii, SHHR participants are able to reduce their building material budgets which allows them to complete more projects. 

Previous training classes
have included topics such as:



The purpose of the cultural orientation was to review each family’s responsibility to the program. A ko’oko’o was presented to each participating family.


Families learned how to develop a household budget, set family goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals. 


Discussion centered on the difference between renovation and construction loans and the various loan products that are available.



This course focused on the simple steps to protect one’s family from environmental hazards, such as, lead, asbestos, mold, arsenic.


This course was an introduction to basic carpentry tools and skills for families with little or no previous hands-on experience. Families learned power tool safety.


At the close of this course, families had a better understanding on how the plumbing system works in their home, how water enters the home and how the wastewater reaches the sewer line.

Participants to the Self-help Home Repair Training Classes _ Power Tools _ Carpentry _ Nānākuli Housing Corporation (NHC)


“Do you have a dwelling to complete?”  The topics covered:  What is a project? You-the Project Manager and Project Phases (Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control, Closeout, Celebrate). Each participant completed a project work plan covering the project phases.

Participants to the Self-help Home Repair Training Classes _ Cabinets & Countertops _ Nānākuli Housing Corporation (NHC)


The morning was spent learning how to install a door, door knob and replacing a screen window.


Families learned how to get a building permit and the importance of the approval of the City’s Planning and Zoning departments.  If they don’t understand the politics of permits, their project may be the one shot down. 


Installing cabinets doesn’t necessarily require hiring a professional—but it does take a fair amount of do-it-yourself skills and basic tools. The key is to install all the cabinets perfectly level and plumb—otherwise, the cabinets may look shoddy, doors and drawers may not close properly, and appliances may fit poorly. Families learned the basic steps in this workshop.​

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#2- Building Family Homes Affordably
Take a look at NHC's first Kawelo Cottage completed in 2013
Kawelo Cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Barrett of Nānākuli Homestead who attended both the financial literacy and home maintenance training program _ Nānākuli Housing Corporation (NHC)

Mr. and Mrs. Barrett of Nānākuli Homestead attended both NHC's financial literacy and home maintenance training program. NHC assisted them in qualifying for a USDA mortgage and they were able to build  a 4 bedroom/ 3 bath Kawelo cottage.

Kawelo Cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Barrett of Nānākuli Homestead who attended both the financial literacy and home maintenance training program _ Nānākuli Housing Corporation (NHC)
Kūkulu I Nā Hale ʻOhana Makepono

About this Project:


Kūkulu I Nā Hale ʻOhana Makepono is an NHC project made possible through a grant from the Administration for Native Americans (ANA). This three-year project designed affordable, environmentally friendly, modular housing for native Hawaiian families. Our goal is to build affordable, green homes, designed by Native Hawaiians for Native Hawaiians.

The geographic isolation and limited land area in Hawaiʻi, drive up the cost of building a home here, putting the dream of owning a home far beyond the reach of many families. The median home price in Hawaiʻi is $700,000 over triple the mainland house prices. 



Under the ANA grant, NHC worked with 100 low to moderate income native Hawaiian families to create model home plans for 2,3, and 4 bedroom homes. The families requested open environments in the homes that combined the kitchen, dining, and living areas. They also wanted open lanai areas, designs that could accommodate multigenerational families and homes that could be easily expanded. Green elements intended to reduce the overall carbon footprint include solar water heating, skylights, photovoltaic cells and clotheslines. These features have been included In plans for Kawelo Cottages, named for our founder, Paige Kawelo Barber. The plans also provide flexibility to accommodate each home’s site conditions and allow for placement of rooms to take advantage of Hawaiʻi’s trade winds and sunlight.


​These homes range in price from $140,000 to $360,000. NHC's priority in its design was to build an affordable home with quality infrastructure products, like laminated floor joints and low- E windows. With proper maintenance our homes will last for generations.

​For more information please feel free to Contact Us.

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Administration For Native Americans _ An Office of The Administration for Children & Families

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#3- Material
Reuse Center
Baseyard Hawai'i at Kalaeloa
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 10am-3pm

Construction Material


Nānākuli Housing Corporation is always looking for innovative ways to better the housing conditions on homesteads. In early 2000, NHC developed and continues to manage the first construction materials reuse center on the island of Oahu. The purpose for Baseyard is to assist financially challenged Hawaiian ‘ohana with inexpensive building materials to improve their living conditions and maintain their greatest asset, their homes.

Baseyard Hawaiʻi ,located in Kalaeloa, collects and distributes reusable, surplus, construction materials to families, schools and nonprofit organizations at little or no cost. Excess materials are made available to the public at a discount and proceeds are used to fund NHC's programs.  

Materials at Baseyard are marked off 40% of the original retail price. Please note that inventory is constantly changing as donations are received so visiting our Sand Island warehouse is the best way to view our inventory.