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3 Ways to Donate

1- Checks made payable to:

2- PayPal


Nānākuli Housing Corporation
P.O. Box 17489
Honolulu, HI 96817

Soon available: a Paypal button to facilitate online payments from your PayPal account directly to NHC's PayPal account.

3- Smile Program


How does it work?


Click on the "Go to" button

 (see banner >>>)


or go to

Login to your Amazon account.

On the top right hand corner of your Amazon page use the "Supporting" option to select Nānākuli Housing Corporation as the non-profit you would like to support (as pictured below).


Shop as you normally would.


*** Please note, you must be on when you order products in order for NHC to receive part of the profit from Amazon.

Uncle Bert Barber, Warehouse Supervisor _ Nānākuli Housing Corporation (NHC)

Uncle Bert Barber,

Warehouse Supervisor,


is a native Hawaiian construction specialist and Nānākul​i Homesteader who has been apart of NHC since its inception 28 years ago. Mr. Barber was Vice President of one of the largest steel companies on 'Oahu for over 40 years. He is a master welder and fabricator, builder, draftsman and teacher. He is an integral part of delivering out Self-Help Home Repair program which insures homesteaders stat and finish their home repair and maintenance projects. Uncle Bert is currently the warehouse and facilities manager at our Kalaeloa and Sand Island locations.



"Our vision is that every 'ohana will have a home

regardless of their economic status."

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